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Healthy Workplace Award Review & Refresh

Date: 31 Dec 2012

Healthy Workplace Award Review & Refresh

This summer the Workplace Health Coorindator has been working on reviewing and refreshing the Healthy Workplace Award Criteria online. It is now Live via the website -!

4 new core criteria have been added to the Bronze Award Level and an additional 24 criteria to the rest of the Award.

This review and refresh took in to account the launch of the national Workplace Well-being Charter (produced by Liverpool NHS Primary Care Trust), new national guidance and local good practice and feedback from companies working towards the award who have identified areas achievements that were not currently recognised in the current criteria. All of the new criteria is available online.

Due to the increase in criteria and good practice the thresholds have slightly increased from 20 to 25 additional points for both Silver and Gold Award Levels. This has all been updated online.
- To achieve Bronze Award level = All core criteria
- To achieve Silver Award level = All core criteria plus 25 additional criteria
- To achieve Gold Award Level = All core criteria plus 50 additional criteria

We aim to hold the Annual Healthy Workplace Awards in March 2013 and therefore the deadline for Award Assessments will be the end of January 2013.

Please remember to complete the online self assessment prior to the onsite Healthy Workplace Assessment visit.

Book your Healthy Workplace Assessment visit soon!

Cost of Absence

Average [annual] cost of absence per employee was £666 [CIPD 2008].

Top Tip

“When we think of young people’s health, we think of schools being a key space for engagement, for adults the workplace is a similar space”- Dr Justin Varney, Public Health England Programme Lead for Health and Work.

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