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Important changes to the Healthy Workplace programme

Date: 10 Mar 2020

Important changes to the Healthy Workplace programme


Healthy Cornwall work to improve the health of the population through a wide range of interventions including; smoking cessation, healthy weight, healthy workplaces, healthy schools, learning disabilities, maternal health and early years. A training team complements the offer with a variety of health improvement courses to provide an extended workforce capable of conveying key public health messages. A delivery team in each locality creates strong partnerships and allows us to target areas of greatest need, consult with the population and adapt the offer to meet the changing needs of individual communities and their residents.

We are writing to bring you up to date on some changes that will be happening at Healthy Cornwall over the coming months. We have recently reviewed our health improvement offer and as a result of this we feel we need to change the way that we deliver our services. We believe we should be doing more to support those people who need the most help to make healthier lifestyle choices; whilst facilitating and enabling those people who are able to make lifestyle changes with the tools and information to do so.

Based on work by Devon Public Health we are working to develop an offer that meets the needs of Cornwall residents who require different levels of support around making healthy lifestyle choices:
Inform Me- people in this group want easy access to accurate, high quality information to enable them to facilitate healthy lifestyle behaviours. It should include the benefits of making the associated behaviour change, suggestions on alternative behaviours e.g. e-cigs, suggestions to look for apps and more information on how the behaviour can impact your health.
Enable Me – people in this group may require a little more support to nudge their behaviour and this offer highlights the benefits of behaviour change, may need more information to include signposting tools and apps available through the NHS. An improved web offer will be produced to include a range of multimedia content.
Support Me– this group require support to facilitate healthy behaviours and will be offered this through Healthy Cornwall. This will be a targeted offer that works with people in the most need to reduce health inequalities.

As a result of the new approach you may experience some change to the support you receive from the Healthy Workplace team. We will be working towards a locality-based model which will see services developed to reflect the needs of our community and businesses, we anticipate the modernised delivery structure will be in place by late summer.
Unfortunately, part of these changes mean we will be unable to host the 2020 Cornwall Beach Games.  We hope to re-establish this event in the future.

Finally, as part of the changes we will also have a new website which will go live in April.  Any workplace who has been in contact with us over the last two years will have their details and the information saved on your toolkits transferred across.

If you have any further questions about the Healthy Workplace programme, please contact Natasha Howard or if you have general questions on the changes to Healthy Cornwall, please contact Lewis Jones


Establishing and using effective channels of communication that engage employees are a key component in promoting employee health.  Examples: Health Notice Boards, Team Briefings, Internet/Intranet, Email, Wage Packet Inserts, Staff Surveys. 

Unhealthy Choices

Unhealthy lifestyle choices cost the NHS, employers and indivduals £17.1billion every year, according to research from health insure and provider Bupa. 

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