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Physical activity, healthy eating and healthier weight toolkit

Date: 7 Mar 2018

Public Health England and  Business in the Community published a physical activity, healthy eating and healthier weight toolkit aimed at employers which consolidates the best evidence, employer practice and aligned with the best freely available resources.

The toolkit can be downloaded here:

We would be grateful if you could please disseminate it across your networks.  

Dominic Gallagher

Health and Wellbeing Support Officer

Public Health England South West

Please find the link for all the BiTC/PHE Toolkits for workplace health via:

Surrounding Influence

Having plants in and around the office can reduce employee annual sickness absence by as much as 23%, research by the Hortiucultural Trades Association has argued.  The research, in conjunction with the University of Reading, found that green space and planted areas can help to deliver substantial social and environmental benefits for organisations

The facts

Musculoskeletal conditions generally rise with age. The age group 50-64 are most affected by sickness absence not to mention the UK 50+ population is expected to increase by 32% between 2008 and 2030.

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