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award winners 20182018 hydration2018 trophies2018 mentor awardconference 20182018 conference2018 conferenceBest Newcomer 2017 - Parcelforce Worldwide Cornwall LD2017 WaterWorkplace Health Conference 2017Workplace Health Conference 2017 with Dame Carol BlackAward winners 2017Devon & Cornwall Police - Gold 2017Beach Games 2016What we offer - Wellbeing Assessments & Health ChecksWhat we offer -  Healthy Weight Advice & Support with Weigh InWhat we offer - Stress in the Workplace Workshop for ManagersWhat we offer - Stress in the Workplace What we offer - Low Back Pain Prevention WorkshopWhat we offer - Mental Health Awareness & Understanding Training WorkshopPrevent illness, promote healthSmall Change, Big Difference!World Health OrganisationSurfer

Award Winners 2018

Annual Conference 2018

2018 conference

2018 conference

Best Newcomer 2017 - Parcelforce

Workplace Health Conference 2017

Workplace Health Conference 2017 with Dame Carol Black

Workplace Health Award Winners 2017

Devon & Cornwall Police - Gold 2017

Beach Games 2016

What we offer -  Wellbeing Assessments & Health Checks

What we offer -  Healthy Weight Advice & Support with Weight Management

What we offer -  Stress in the Workplace Workshop for Managers

What we offer - Stress in the Workplace Training Workshop

What we offer -  Low Back Pain Prevention Workshop

What we offer -  Mental Health Awareness & Understanding Training Workshop

Prevent illness, promote health, intervene early, improve the health of the workless.

Small Change, Big Difference!

“Health is created in places where we live, love, work and play” - World Health Organisation

"He who has health, has hope. And he who has hope, has everything." - Thomas Carlyle

Why is a Healthy Workplace important?

The workplace is a setting where many people spend the largest proportion of their time and therefore can play a key role in contributing to the health of their employees and in turn the health of their organisation.

Having a healthy and productive workforce should be every organisation’s ambition, especially in today’s competitive business environment.


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RT @CanCornwall: This week we are focusing on #workplacehealth and #healthyeating check out our post below for some handy hints and tips to…

Healthy Workplace
@BeHealthyAtWork • Feb 18

RT @PHE_uk: The association between health and work is cyclical. A healthy workforce has synergistic benefits for workplaces, productivity…

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