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A brief summary of why you have become a healthy workplace:

We work in a very fast paced and sometimes stressful environment. We wanted to make our store a healthier and happier place, so we joined the Healthy Workplace programme.  We have a large number of colleagues and we feel responsible for providing opportunities to help them improve their health and wellbeing.




Recent Health & Wellbeing Activities on offer (this year):

Steve Lehan, Michelle Bray and Bernadette Snow signed up as Sport makers in March 2012. At the beginning of the year 2013 we had a regular running group who met up at Tremough Campus and used their running routes. In March we organised a   treadmill ‘marathon’ challenge to raise money for CLIC Sargent, Michelle’s chosen charity for her London Marathon. In April/May several colleagues took part in the get Active Challenge online.  We were invited to a forum after the challenge to discuss the activity.  In June we held a charity football match against St Austell Store.  We had a team entered in the Beach Games, and held a couple of volleyball training sessions at a local church hall. Sadly the games were cancelled on the day.  In September we organised a sponsored walk across Falmouth Seafront for colleagues and their families in aid of Tickled Pink Breast Cancer Care and we also had a group of walkers in the Moonlight Memory Walk for the local hospice.  We decided to do a sponsored walk, as we have done several sponsored runs etc that required a certain level of fitness, so by doing a walk, it meant anyone can take part.  In November two teams entered the Santa Bootcamp challenge fundraiser at BF Adventure. One of our teams were the overall winners.  Throughout the year various small support groups have used our training room as a community space, free of charge.  A small group of us have been running with a coach from Cornwall Sports Partnership for nine weeks and are now continuing on our own.




We want to maintain our gold standard, share our experiences with others, encouraging them to join the Healthy Workplace scheme and concentrate on stress management and a stronger quit smoking campaign.

- Manager
Real results

In Ginsters' Employee Satisfaction Survey, Ginsters have moved from last place in 2005 within the group of 15 companies to second in the 2009 Survey.

Recession Depression

The recession has had a 'significant impact' on the mental well-being of the UK's workforce, according to new research  punlished by Mind.  One in 10 people visited their GP for mental health support last year as a result of recession-induced stress. 

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