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Aspire Academy Trust (core services)

A Multi Academy Trust looking after 27 schools across Cornwall

What we do:

Within The Core Services at Aspire we have a variety of roles with responsibility for -   Pupils, Staff, well -being, HR, Safe guarding, Finance,  Health & Safety and Premises of  27 schools & the team within the Core Services.

Why we became a healthy workplace:

Establishing an environment where staff feel valued with their life in work and out of work, incorporating a mindset that help is always at hand.  To ensure staff feel that their mental & physical well being is important, help is readily available if required as well as support from within the workplace.

Recent health and well being activities:

We have recently made accessible to staff a free well being service. This service is available to all staff across Aspire, is free, confidential and covers all areas of Health & Well Being. 

Over the past year Core Services have  - 

Taken part in World Mental Health Day - Brought cakes into the office and invited everyone to share a break together.

Held a team event at a local outdoor laser tag where staff could attend themselves & bring family members. This was well received an enjoyed by lots of the team.

One staff member ran the London Marathon, we helped her raise awareness for her chosen charity  - Guide Dogs for the Blind and held a cake sale in the office to raise money.

Had a staff Christmas meal with Secret Santa which was great fun!

Offered courses to staff including essential counselling skills.

We continually promote walking everyday with a daily walk (weather dependent!) which is open to everyone and encourages staff to take a break from their screens, get some fresh air, have a chat and get moving.

We have 6 trained Health Champions within Core Services, Men & Woman, different age ranges enabling staff to have someone they feel confident in talking to if required.

We have offered and set up counselling for staff where needed and continued to support them when needed.

Gave staff the opportunity to have their chair needs discussed by Sian from Health & Safety, this enabled staff to be given chairs with lumbar support.

Top Tip

“When we think of young people’s health, we think of schools being a key space for engagement, for adults the workplace is a similar space”- Dr Justin Varney, Public Health England Programme Lead for Health and Work.

Surrounding Influence

Having plants in and around the office can reduce employee annual sickness absence by as much as 23%, research by the Hortiucultural Trades Association has argued.  The research, in conjunction with the University of Reading, found that green space and planted areas can help to deliver substantial social and environmental benefits for organisations

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