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Biscovey Academy

A primary school for children aged 7 - 11.

What we do:

We are a Key Stage Two fully inclusive Academy. We are proud to be part of Aspire Academy Trust.

Why we became a healthy workplace:

Biscovey Academy is dedicated to creating a meaningful Health and Wellbeing programme and being a Healthy Workplace is a very important part of this.  We at Biscovey Academy understand how crucial it is to have a highly motivated, valued and dynamic workforce. We are all responsible for creating an organisation that promotes health and wellbeing strategies.  We believe every individual has a right to: *Mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing. *To experience personal achievement.

Recent health and well being activities:

Recent Health and Wellbeing activities include:
A budget allocation for H&W of staff.
Wellbeing sessions and training offered to all staff including, recently, counselling skills.
Water bottles for all staff, to promote the positive effects of good hydration. 
Staffroom 'stress box', to help staff unwind, which is constantly updated with new ideas.
Social activities - meeting up outside of the workplace for team building pursuits.
Bespoke, individual support for people that may have health issues, or just a listening ear.

Success Story:

We are proud of all the strategies we have in place and believe that the positive impact is felt in our ethos and environment.
In a year where, through staffing cuts, we have found ourselves taking on new roles and extra workloads, we have been able to offer support to members of the team affected.
We have faced challenges with children suffering from mental health issues which have impacted on all of us, therefore pointing people in the right direction for counselling or advice has been paramount to their health and wellbeing, allowing them to remain in work.
We take great pride in our information board, which is in a prominent position in the staff room, easily accessible to all staff. We update regularly and will always source any information that we do not already have.
We make sure that we have time for people, if they want to talk, or have any questions, we will always endeavour to find the answers or point them in the right direction. We pride ourselves on our confidentiality.

The promotion of positive staff health and wellbeing remains a key focus at Biscovey Academy and I am delighted that this has been recognised with yet another Gold Healthy Workplace Award. As well as ensuring the profile of health and wellbeing remains high and built in to our school ethos, ensuring all staff are made aware of Trust and School initiatives to support positive health and wellbeing, our Champions have actively sought out ways to support in school including purchasing water bottles, setting up healthcare checks through SAS and organising after school social activities. By continuing to strive to offer support and remove potential barriers to staff which arise out of health and wellbeing concerns, staff are enabled to perform their roles more effectively and deliver the best possible outcomes to the children of our school.

- Director

“I would like to take this opportunity to praise the work of the Health Promotion Service and the framework in place for the Workplace Health Award, which has significantly changed the focus and the culture of our Company, especially in relation to attitudes toward health and wellbeing and the concept of a healthy workplace being embedded as the norm”

HR Manager for Proper Cornish and Furniss and Head of Health & Wellbeing Initiative

TRAC Services Ltd

"The healthy workplace toolkit has been an invaluable resource for TRAC. It is helped us review where we are as a company in terms of providing a healthy workplace and clearly identify new measures we can put in place. It is a very robust and easy to use resource that has united the team here in a common goal of improving the health and wellbeing of everyone. The website that support the initiative is easy to use and as lots of very helpful information and case studies. It is really easy to track your progress using the website. We have also benefited greatly from the support and enthusiasm of Rachel and the team in helping us on our journey and were delighted to be awarded silver following our recent assessment." - TRAC Services Ltd

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