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Software Company

What we do:

We are a software company specialising in web, app and VR development. Our studio is nestled the heart of Newquay overlooking the sea. Our clients are both local and national and range from Rodda's and Philips through to Barclays and Transport for London. 

Why we became a healthy workplace:

After attending the healthy workplace awards in 2017 we felt inspired to create a more health and wellbeing focused team. 

We started straight away looking for ways to incorporate things to improve everyone’s overall health, mental wellbeing and motivation. 

Once we got the ball rolling on this it was really easy to identify things we were already doing and introduce new schemes all of which we were able to add to the online criteria. 

Recent health and well being activities:

  • Health and Wellbeing is becoming part of the workplace culture
  • Having a member of staff trained in Mental Health First Aid 
  • Free fruit on offer to employees and clients on a daily basis
  • Team lunches for new starters
  • Offer a wide range of herbal teas and encouragement to have water available on people’s desks throughout the day
  • Keeping staff notice board up to date with information related to working in the software industry such as signs to look out for ‘burn out’
  • Refurbishing staff room to create a nice environment for team socialising and relaxing at lunchtimes
  • The introduction of walking meetings

Success Story:

We are definitely reaping the rewards of introducing all our new health and wellbeing activities - this past year has seen tangible improvements in staff moral, motivation and enthusiasm for being at work and being part of the team. 

Everyone has taken at least two or three aspects on board, be that swapping to fruit for break times or filling their lunch breaks with more physical activity such as walking into town or down to the beach. 

Clients too have responded well to the changes we have made and often remark on what a happy place we work in! 

Top Tip

Excessive drinking outside of working hours is known to affect presenteeism and absenteeism

Cancer Support in the Workplace - Dec 2013

Almost one person in five with cancer who was employed full time when they were diagnosed felt that their employer could have done more to understand their needs and circumstances, a poll by insurer Unum and Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres found.  Better communication was the key, it added.  ( Occupational Health, December 2013)

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