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Cornwall Music ServiceTrust

Cornwall Music Service Trust: a quality music education for Cornwall

What we do:

Cornwall Music Service Trust (CMST) was established in January 2015 to continue to provide curriculum support, vocal and instrumental tuition to schools across Cornwall. CMST is currently delivering over 1000 hours of tuition a week and is building on its strong client base, by providing quality music education in a variety of flexible activities at affordable, realistic rates. CMST reaches over 10,000 Cornish students in primary and secondary schools throughout the county and aims to provide the best possible musical experience , leading to the highest possible achievements by our students. 

Why we became a healthy workplace:

We became involved in the Healthy Workplace Programme because our management team recognised the exacting nature of the work and saw the benefits it would bring to our staff. We value the loyalty shown by our staff and are committed to providing them with a caring and supportive service.

From the very first days, a small healthy working party was set up committed to establishing a healthy and happy workplace for the benefits it would bring to staff and students.

Recent health and well being activities:

We are delighted to achieve our bronze award in our first year in which we have already provided our staff with the following seminars and activities.

a confidential questionnaire to understand individual needs
free NHS health checks
Stress in the workplace seminar
Posture scans
Alexander technique workshop
Summer beach BBQ

A Christmas party held at The Greenbank Hotel in Falmouth to celebrate our first year together brought everyone together in a social setting and has set CMST up for an exciting and  prosperous 2016.

"we signed up to the Healthy Workplace Programme because we value our staff and are committed to their health and well-being"
Gareth Churcher, Head of Service

- Director
Employee Feedback

"I am lucky to work for an organisation whose management has whole-heartedly supported me throughout the process of obtaining the Healthy Workplace Awards.  The Directors have never said ‘no’ and it is great to know that my employer is interested in everyone’s well-being at work.  Not only have they approved my initiatives but they have also led by example and joined in some of them too.  They have committed, what are for us, scarce resources and agreed more flexible working policies as well as offering support to staff who may struggle with work or with personal problems through solid employment policies and management techniques"- Louise Mallas, YMCA Cornwall


Mind, a Mental Health Charity, released a report in May 2011 claiming that UK businesses could save £8 billion per year if they managed workplace stress properly. 

The survey also found that 41% of workers experience stress, making it more of a concern than personal finances, health and relationships. 

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