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Event Cornwall

peopleCompany ethos or mission statement:

Our purpose is to enable others to achieve their event ambitions and we do that through 5 strands of work:

Event Delivery, Event Strategy, Education & Training, Organisation Development and Event Services.

A brief summary of why you have become a healthy workplace:

Having a healthy and productive workforce is important to Event Cornwall, and we recognise that the key to survival and success is the most important asset, the staff!

Have you achieved a Healthy Workplace award already?

Yes, we achieved the silver award in 2011.

Recent Health & Wellbeing activities on offer:

Race for life , Team socials, Stress Awareness session , Active Christmas social, Team dog! 

Building activities into our events programme such as Guerilla Gardening (Falmouth Spring Festival), Beach Party (Agile on the Beach) and Be Active Truro festival 

Volunteering opportunities for staff to develop skills and cultivate wider experience

Plans/ Aims for next year:

Continue to hold the team socials throughout the year Communicate Healthy Workplace opportunity through team updates

  • Submit or Join a team for the Beach Olympics
  • Join the Get Active Challenge pedometer challenge –via joining another already existing team if possible.
  • All team members to identify a healthy workplace initiative to take up and commit to and submit a photo for the Healthy Workplace portfolio.
  • Continue to include healthy activities within our events programme including the Torch Relay, Zumba Zestival, and Be Active Truro.
event employees
Healthy Workplace is a fantastic initiative that gives employees the opportunity to prioritise their well being in a what can be a highly pressured environment."

"The team socials are great for stress relief and developing our relationship as a team but also reminds us that we are a group of unique individuals that work together to make our events happen.

- Staff
Working Days Lost

According to HSE, 36 million days were lost in 2008 as a result of work-related ill health or workplace injury. The worst performing organisations lost an average of 12 working days per employee [CBI/AXA].


27 million working days were lost due to work-related illness in 2011/12.  Workplace ill health cost society an estimated £13.8 billion in 2010/11.

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