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HMRC St Austell Contact Centre

355 Employees

Due to our work being very sedentary getting active has been a big part of Workplace Health in St Austell. In May 40 Teams joined in our initial pedometer challenge of a virtual walk 258 miles around the Cornish Coastal path from Morwenstow to Cremyll in 8 weeks. Much merriment was had along the way as we reported each week using our display maps where each team had reached and who was in the lead. And at the end our Contact Centre Manager presented our Workplace Health Challenge Cup to the winning team. Currently we are running Building Bingo a stair climb challenge along side measuring how long it takes us to climb Mount Everest using the flights of stairs in the main stairwell.


More fun was had when we decided we should brighten up our courtyard and maybe "grow our own". A staff suggestion of a Tallest Sunflower competition was well received and saw staff out and about on watering duties during their breaks. Near disaster struck when the weather got rough but all was not lost and we all enjoyed the bright display.

Other activities

• A Shape up group supporting each other to change habits and encourage a healthy lifestyle.
• A crop swap shop to encourage healthy eating by sharing the glut of fresh produce from our keen gardeners, and even some we had grown ourselves, with the rest of the staff.
• Health lunch time walks relaxation and exercise rolled into one.
• Know your blood pressure awareness day.
• Craft group.
• Quiet jigsaw corner.

"I am eating more fruit, letting fatty food and am checking backs of ingredients for saturated fat content. Oh and have reduced my alcohol intake and am walking to and from work more (25 min walk each way)." - Steve 





Completing the pedometer challenge/coast path walk encouraged me to build on the amount of walking I do. I pretty much walk everywhere as I donít drive but having the pedometer buoyed me to do walks that Iíd planned but had always seemed to be superseded by something else. I enjoyed the opportunity to relax while also improving my general fitness and taking in the scenery. Since the challenge I still go on walks and do Zumba

- Claire
Alcohol in the Workplace

One in four employees are estimated to drink above recommeded guidelines

Mental Health

The total cost to employers due to mental health problems among their staff is estimated at nearly £26 billion each year. That is equivalent to £1,035 for every employee in the UK workforce.

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