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Pendennis Shipyard

Global, award winning superyacht custom build and refit experts

What we do:

Pendennis Shipyard in Falmouth operates in the 30m-100m superyacht custom build and refit market. Meeting the specific needs of each client and delivering a world-class service is of utmost importance. 2018 marks Pendennis’ 30th anniversary – a milestone year for the company.

Pendennis’ full-service facility is capable of building yachts of up to 100m, as well as undertaking substantial restoration and remodelling projects, or routine class/flag refit works. To date the company has built 30 bespoke luxury yachts and conducted refit works on a further 250 vessels. The Falmouth base is supported by a refit workshop in Palma, which coupled with flexible international assistance from our own technical specialists, offers clients a comprehensive global support network during the life of their superyacht.

After this last years’ recruitment initiative driven by the high work load and number of projects in the shipyard, we now boast an extra 80 staff totalling 462 permanent employees.  These highly skilled tradespeople and support staff contribute to Pendennis’ 30 years of trading. In-house experts, from CAD teams to exterior outfitters, joiners, electricians, engineers, fabricators and specialist painters, ensure maximum control and accountability at every stage of a project. The quality of work stands the test of time, with yachts such as Adix and Adela returning year after year.

Pendennis recently invested over £22million in rebuilding and expanding the shipyard. This redevelopment programme, completed in 2015, saw the yard enhanced with three purpose-built construction halls (the largest of which is 90m) and a 7,564m² enclosed non-tidal wet basin, designed to provide direct deep water seaward access to the yard for haul-out, and facilitating short refit works for yachts of up to 100m. An additional flexible 150m undercover dry dock provides project space for larger yacht refit programmes, with the complete facility supported by purpose-built modern workshops and offices.

These impressive state-of-the-art facilities provide an appropriate base to accommodate the high level of customer service, skills and project quality that Pendennis is renowned for, combining to create a truly memorable, personal and professional refit or custom-build experience.

Why we became a healthy workplace:

We wanted to subscribe to the scheme as it seemed a natural progression to receive recognition for the initiatives that we already have in place and continue to develop. We hope that by engaging with your organisation we will benefit from a wider pool of expertise and we hope to take advice to support further improvements to the health and wellbeing of Pendennis Shipyard employees.  We understand that a healthy workforce and workplace significantly impacts on the wellbeing of individuals and consequently positively impacts on production, sickness absence, accident outcomes alongside many other unquantifiable factors.  Support for the scheme comes from the very top down, with our Directors taking an active role in supporting and promoting the health and wellbeing of the whole Pendennis team.

Recent health and well being activities:

Pendennis Health Education Week (PHEW) including activities such as Morning Stretches, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Smoking Cessation, Singing, Walking Treasure Hunt, Healthy Weight Cornwall in attendance, Rounders (in association with Cornwall Sports Partnership), BLS training, Sexual Health clinic, suicideTALK.
Continuation of the affordable Health & Wellbeing scheme, including daily HIIT, Tabata, yoga, pilates, kettlebell and bootcamp circuits classes, as well as weekly rounders sessions, “Bod Squad” health and dietary advice and singing workshops.
5 aside staff and crew football evening
Summer staff regatta, including paddleboarding lessons and paddleboard yoga in the wet basin plus a tabletennis tournament.
Purchase of a new Table Tennis table and associated kit
Branded thermal mugs given to all staff to reduce use of disposable cups and further encourage hydration
Coming up: Staff and crew Quiz/bingo night, 30th anniversary celebration similar to the summer staff regatta

Success Story:

“I have noticed a massive improvement in my aerobic fitness since participating in the weekly HIIT classes and rounders sessions over the past year. If I didn’t have access to these convenient classes at an affordable rate I definitely wouldn’t be as motivated to join an external gym or go to classes that maybe wouldn’t fit in so well with my daily routine. I am really pleased that Pendennis put this on for us as well as the other initiatives to get us all thinking about and making positive changes to our own health and wellbeing.”

 “With an increasing number of employees and a record project count here at the shipyard, Pendennis’ dedication to employee health and wellbeing is a crucial part of ensuring a fit, happy and efficient workforce. A year on from launching our “Health and Wellbeing” scheme we are pleased with the uptake of those taking advantage of our onsite gym, daily classes and workshops. We are pleased to see staff from all areas of the business as well as visiting crews participating together – both introducing and promoting healthy relationships across a wide range of individuals who may otherwise not work with each other directly. We continue to promote Pendennis Health Education Week each year alongside numerous other initiatives and have received excellent feedback on our collective efforts. We very much hope to keep developing our offering to all staff over the coming year and look forward to seeing the benefits to our workforce.”

- Director
Employee Feedback

"Within 6 months of signing up the enthusiasm and potential of how we can promote Health and Wellbeing throughout the College has taken hold and now after receiving our Bronze, 2014 is looking to be a very exciting year.  The Award programme has enabled us to look into what our staff would like to access and benefit from in the future and ultimately will help towards maintaining a happy, healthy and motivated workforce"- Rebecca Smith, Truro and Penwith College

Diabetes Risk Assessment Tool

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