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Truro and Penwith College

Company ethos or mission statement:

The purpose of the college is to provide the best possible learning experience, leading to the highest possible level of achievements by our students.


A brief summary of why you have become a healthy workplace:

A Sustainability Group was set up in October last year which is committed to working towards and promoting economic, social and environmental sustainability, and this included actively promoting the Health and Wellbeing of all College users.  The Healthy Workplace award seemed the ideal opportunity to bring together all that we currently do and to look at areas in which we can improve.  Already within 6 months of signing up the enthusiasm and potential for how we can promote Health and Wellbeing throughout the College has taken hold and 2014 is looking to be a very exciting year.  The College has always supported and promoted health and wellbeing for staff and students, and have established a programme of physical activities available to all, under the ‘Health, Wellbeing and Sport’ programme.


Plans/ Aims for next year:

  • ‘You Said, We Did’ feedback on results from Health and Wellbeing Survey
  • Embed Health and Wellbeing for staff into the company ethos and create a greater awareness of Health and Wellbeing opportunities for staff at the College


Since signing up to the Healthy Workplace Award, the College will use the Health and Wellbeing survey as a key tool in how we will build on our existing foundations. This will enable us to look at what staff would like to access and benefit from in the future and ultimately help towards providing the highest possible level of achievements for not just our students but also our staff.

Case study

“The health promotion bug has really caught on! Employees are constantly coming up with new ideas and it’s done a great deal to help with staff morale.”

David Wingham,
Coastline Housing


A reduction in cost of advertising and agency fees attest to the fact fewer people leave the company and that candidates now approach Ginsters direct as they are seen as an employer of choice.  Number of applicants in 2005 = 2481, in 2006 = 3641 and in 2008 = 3764.  Advertising costs reduced from £50,743 in 2005 to £33,805 in 2007 and £18,126 in 2008. 

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