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Creating a Healthy Workplace

  • Healthy Cornwall Information and Resource Centre

A large selection of loan items including models, interactive resources, games and books and supply items including posters and leaflets on a wide range of health topics such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, healthy eating and physical activity.  To register click here.


Recruitment, Retention and Return to work

Benchmarking Absence Rates: Are you on the right path? check how you're doing against XpertHR's five benchmarking data points on absence rates and costs. Download the XpertHR infographic which presents key findings from XpertHR research


  • What is a FIT NOTE? Getting back to work and the new Fit Note.  The new Fit Note (which replaces the sick note) has been designed to help people to return to work more smoothly.  For more information please click here

  • Download the 'Menopause guide for Managers' here


Mental Wellbeing including minimising stress

  • A - Z mental health - MIND
  • How to deal with anger - MIND PDF
  • Free Resilience Tool

  • The i-resilience report and online resources are the first set of integrated resilience tools available that are completely free to use, both for you and your entire organisation. Using the validated personality questionnaire and based on the responses, the i-resilience report reveals which of the four key components users naturally draw on for resilience - confidenceadaptability,purposefulness and the need for social support. For further information click here
  • Emotional Resilience Toolkit. Healthy People = Healthy Profits

  • Nurture the emotional resilience of your employees to ensure the health of your business in challenging as well as favourable conditions.  Click here for more information on the emotional resilience toolkit.
  • International Stress Management Association

  • National Stress Awareness Day is an annual event held on the first Wednesday in November each year.  ISMA privides a number of downloadable support materials: 
  • Facts about stress 2013
  • How to identify stress
  • The 60 second tranquiliser
  • Top 10 stress busting tips
  • How to make mental health services work for men Download here 

  • Workplace Mental Health Resources for OH and Line Managers

  • Time to Change: Campaign targeting discrimination against people with mental health problems and improving public attitudues - click here
  • Mindful Employers - An employer-led initiative that aims to increase the awareness of mental health at work - click here
  • HSE Standards for Work-Related Stress - click here
  • MIND - Getting ahead: Why Mental Health at Work Matters.  Read the full report here 
  • Suicide in the workplace postvention pack -a helpful toolkit to support all employees - click here


  • MSK including Back, Joint and Muscle Health

  • Back Pain Management and Prevention Policy - click here

  • Exercises at your Desk

  • A basic workout that allows you to stretch the body parts that suffer most from sitting down at a desk all day including your arms, wrists and back. There are also some basic strength exercises you can do either sitting at your desk or standing up. Click Here.
  • More exercises include:

  • Exercises for the shoulder
  • Exercises for the lower back
  • Exercises for the wrist 
  • A video on how to stretch and strengthen your lower back whilst at work click here
  • Articles:

  • When good backs go bad  - click here
  • The role of Physiotherapy  - click here



  • Physical Activity including Active Travel

  • Wellbeing and Physical Activity Offer

  • Working with a range of partners we have secured a 'Physical Activity & Sport Offer' for all organisations who join and work towards the Healthy Workplace Award. The offer is in the form of a 'menu' of opportunities and ideas, to encourage employees to become more physically active. 
  • Menu Options:
  • Pedometer Challenge
  • Sports club taster sessions
  • Cornwall Beach Games
  • Low cost bright ideas to get active
  • Physical Activity Policy.  Click here to download an example physical activity policy

  • Get Active Thoughts for your week! 

    Please click here for 'Get Active Thoughts for your Week' produced by Cornwall Sports Partnership and for more details on opportunities and activities to become more active in Cornwall please visit


  • Healthier Eating including Healthy Weight

  • Cornwall Healthy Weight 

  • Please click here to download this great recipe book which was produced by Cornwall Healthy Weight. For more details on healthy eating or to find a weight management group near you please visit  
  • Public Health England and  Business in the Community published a physical activity, healthy eating and healthier weight toolkit aimed at employers which consolidates the best evidence, employer practice and aligned with the best freely available resources.  The toolkit can be downloaded here
  • British Heart Foundation Healthy eating habits in the workplace can have a big impact. What we eat and drink is important for maintaining healthy weight, blood pressure and cholesterol and for preventing type 2 diabetes


  • Choosing Well including Sun Safety

  • New Macmillan Toolkit - Work & Cancer

  • Order your free Essential work and cancer toolkit, which contains practical advice, top tips and guidance for HR professionals, managers and employees. It has been created to ensure that people affected by cancer are effectively supported, should they wish to remain in or return to work.  Click Here.
  • For advice on training and support click here
  • Cancer in the workplace videos by Macmillan
  • These Cancer in the Workplace videos aim to help employees,  managers, occupational health and human resources professionals handle issues around cancer and work. 
  • To access the videos please click here
  • Be clear on cancer

  • Lung Cancer Leaflet
  • Bowel Cancer Leaflet
  • Breast Cancer Leaflet
  • Ovarian Cancer Leaflet
  • Prostate Cancer Leaflet 
  • Cancer Research UK

  • Preventing Cancer Poster
  •  Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

  • Fact Sheet: Cervical Cancer download
  • Mini-fact sheets about Cervical Cancer download
  • Health promotion cards download
  • Abnormal Screening Results: The Facts download
  • Mini-fact sheet about Cervical Screening download 



  • Top Tips - Working from Home

  • Top tips for staying productive and healthy while working at home. Click Here.


  • New Occupational Health Adviceline for Small Business

  • Health for Work Advice Line - 0800 0 77 88 44


  •  Blood Pressure Association

  • General blood pressure leaflet


  • The impact of physical environments on employee wellbeing – topic overview

  • This topic overview is one of four commissioned by Public Health England (PHE) exploring issues around health, work and unemployment.  Click here to download



  • Healthy ageing

  • Download the 'Know Your Menopause' PDF here
  • Download the 'Menopause Focus Infographic' here
  • Download the 'Menopause guide for Managers' here
  • Download the 'Menopause at Work' toolkit here
The facts

Musculoskeletal conditions generally rise with age. The age group 50-64 are most affected by sickness absence not to mention the UK 50+ population is expected to increase by 32% between 2008 and 2030.


People suffering from obesity could reduce their future earning power by as much as £500 per annum because qualifciations, skills and experience become outdated during long term absences from work caused by their conditions.

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