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Good practice

  • Health Promotion in the Workplace

West Pharma - Gaining Senior Management Commitment Presentation 

NHS Employers - why staff experiences matter poster

Example Business Case document

  • Healthy Workplace Champions

KCCG - Health champion roles and responsibilities leaflet 

KCCG - Health Champion Poster



  • BHF Workplace Health Resources - ‘A Healthy Business ‘needs' a Health Workforce'

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) has a series of resources for employers interested in workplace health programmes.
The resources cover physical activity, healthy eating and mental wellbeing and include a range of ideas, challenges and signposts, as well as an employee booklet, great giveaway items and fun packaging.

Think Fit Resources
Think Fit! (G283) - A guide to developing a workplace activity programme
Think Fit! Be Active! (G283h08) - A ‘how to do it' guide for workplace physical activity initiatives.
Think Fit! Eat Well! (G399) - A guide to developing a healthy eating programme
Think Fit! Think Well! (G400) - A guide to developing a workplace mental wellbeing programme.

To order call: 0870 600 6566
The BHF would welcome a suggested donation of £25 per pack.


  • Examples of Health Needs Assessments

Workplace health needs assessment

Generic Health & Wellbeing Example

Traffic Light System Example - Kindly supplied by Banes PCT

Health Promotion Service Example

Health Promotion Service Example Year 1

Example Health Needs Questionnaire 


  • Health, Work and Wellbeing. Defining the priorities: Workplace Health Needs Assessment for Employers

This report from EMPHO provides guidance to employers on the
systematic planning of workplace health needs assessment, including
recommendations regarding approaches and tools, and information on how to analyse survey results.  It accompanies the more detailed document Health, Work and Well-being: Employee Health Needs Assessment Methods and Tools first published in March 2011.  Click here.


  • Example of a Health & Wellbeing Code

Coastline Housing Ltd


  • Example of a Workplace Nutrition Policy

Workplace Nutrition Policy

  •  Example of a Workplace Physical Activity Policy


Physical Activity Policy

  • Examples of Stress Reduction Policies & Pathways

Stress Reduction Policy 1

Stress Reduction Policy 2

Stress Management Pathway 1

Stress Management Pathway 2

  • Example of Breast Feeding Policy & Guidance

Real Baby Milk


  • NICE Public Health Guidance (Workplace Setting)

Guidance from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE)

This includes:

NICE. Management of long-term sickness and incapacity for work (PH19). London: NICE, 2009.
NICE. Promoting physical activity in the workplace (PH13). London: NICE, 2008.
NICE. Promoting mental wellbeing through productive and healthy working conditions (PH22). London: NICE, 2009.
NICE.Workplace interventions to promote smoking cessation (PH5). London: NICE, 2007.
NICE. Obesity: guidance on the prevention, identification, assessment and management of overweight and obesity in adults and children (CG43). London: NICE, 2006.
NICE. Promoting and creating built or natural environments that encourage and support physical activity (PH8). London: NICE, 2008.

NICE. Workplace policy and management practices to improve the health and wellbeing of employees (NG13). London: NICE 2015

For further information please click here


  • Advice to employers on how to handle mental health conditions

At any one time, one in six adults will be experiencing a mental health condition and it’s crucial that employers support these employees.  Support can include many things such as making simple workplace adjustments like taking a flexible approach to start and finish times.

The Department of Health have issued guidance notes intended to help employers think through the kinds of adjustments at work which they can make for people with mental health  conditions.  They include practical advice and links to other resources which might help them to support job retention and return to work.

Download Mental Health Adjustments Guidance Final

NHS Employers has launched a new manager's guide on mental health, an issue that NHS line managers are dealing with more and more frequently. 

Please click here for a practical guide that offers support on promoting and maintaining a positive team culture around mental health and guidance on how to support staff who are experiencing mental health problems.

  • Useful Reports

Employee Feedback


“I think the range of added extras Coastline offers its employees, from corporate gym memberships, to flu jabs, to confidential counselling services, is fantastic. If I didn’t already work here, I’d want to!” – Cheryl Houghton, Communications Advisor

Cancer Support in the Workplace - Dec 2013

Almost one person in five with cancer who was employed full time when they were diagnosed felt that their employer could have done more to understand their needs and circumstances, a poll by insurer Unum and Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres found.  Better communication was the key, it added.  ( Occupational Health, December 2013)

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